A senator is a person who works in the government. In the United States, senators are elected by voters to represent them in a state or federal senate.

Each state in the US elects two senators who serve six-year terms in Washington, DC, where they pass laws and vote on policies. Other countries have senators as well, either elected or appointed. The word senator has been used in English since around 1200, from the Latin word, senex, or "old man." This is especially appropriate when you know that men have far outnumbered women in the US senate and that the first female senator wasn't elected until 1932.

Definitions of senator

n a member of a senate

Hilary Rodham Clinton
wife of President Clinton and later a woman member of the United States Senate (1947-)
James William Fulbright
United States senator who is remembered for his creation of grants that fund exchange programs of teachers and students between the United States and other countries (1905-1995)
John Herschel Glenn Jr.
made the first orbital rocket-powered flight by a United States astronaut in 1962; later in United States Senate (1921-)
state senator
a member of a state senate
Type of:
someone who makes or enacts laws

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