1. second base the base that must be touched second by a base runner in baseball
  2. second-best in second place
  3. second best the competitor who finishes second
  4. second baseman (baseball) the person who plays second base
  5. second-guess evaluate or criticize with hindsight
  6. second power the product of two equal terms
  7. scandalise strike with disgust or revulsion
  8. second-rate moderate to inferior in quality
  9. second-class of inferior status or quality
  10. second class not the highest quality in a classification
  11. scandalize strike with disgust or revulsion
  12. second banana someone who serves in a subordinate capacity or plays a secondary role
  13. second half the second of two halves of play
  14. second hand hand marking seconds on a timepiece
  15. second person pronouns and verbs used to refer to the person addressed by the language in which they occur
  16. skin disease a disease affecting the skin
  17. secondhand previously used or owned by another
  18. secondary being of second rank or importance or value
  19. second cousin a child of your parent's first cousin
  20. Second Empire the imperial government of Napoleon III in France from 1852-1870

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