Definitions of seasnail

n small tadpole-shaped cold-water fishes with pelvic fins forming a sucker; related to lumpfish

Liparis liparis, sea snail, snailfish
Type of:
scorpaenoid, scorpaenoid fish
fishes having the head armored with bony plates

n any of several creeping marine gastropods with a spirally coiled shell: whelks; tritons; moon shells; neritids

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neritid, neritid gastropod
operculate seasnail of coastal waters with a short spiral shell
large carnivorous marine gastropods of coastal waters and intertidal regions having a strong snail-like shell
tropical marine gastropods having beautifully colored spiral shells
moon shell, moonshell
marine gastropods having smooth rounded shells that form short spires
periwinkle, winkle
edible marine gastropod
any of various usually marine gastropods with low conical shells; found clinging to rocks in littoral areas
a neritid gastropod having a short smooth or spirally ridged shell with thick usually toothed outer lip and toothed operculum
Nerita peloronta, bleeding tooth
gastropod having reddish toothlike projections around the shell opening; of the Caribbean area
ornately marked and brightly colored snails of brackish waters
Patella vulgata, common limpet
marine limpet
Diodora apertura, Fissurella apertura, keyhole limpet
marine limpet having a conical shell with an opening at the apex
Type of:
gastropod, univalve
a class of mollusks typically having a one-piece coiled shell and flattened muscular foot with a head bearing stalked eyes

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