You're most likely to see a schooner in an old seaport or tourist harbor, since it's an old-fashioned kind of boat with at least two masts and sails.

There are still places you can ride on a schooner, but schooners were most common along the east coast of the United States in the eighteenth century. Schooners were historically used for fishing and transporting cargo, and sometimes for racing. The word schooner was probably first used in Gloucester, Massachusetts, coined from the Scottish scon, "to send over water, to skip stones."

Definitions of schooner

n sailing vessel used in former times

a fast schooner once used by New England fisherman for illegal fishing in Canadian waters
Type of:
sailing ship, sailing vessel
a vessel that is powered by the wind; often having several masts

n a large beer glass

Type of:
drinking glass, glass
a container for holding liquids while drinking

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