Sometimes you're so hungry you feel like you could eat a ten-course meal. Other times it takes just a small salad to sate your appetite, or to satisfy your hunger.

The verb sate comes from the Old English sadian, “to satiate,” and can be applied to any situation regarding the satisfaction of a need or an appetite. If you have been craving something sweet, your craving might be sated by a bag of jellybeans. However, if it seems like you can never get enough jellybeans, your appetite for sweets might be described as insatiable, a word used to describe a person or entity whose appetites — literally or figuratively — are impossible to satisfy.

Definitions of sate
  1. verb
    fill to satisfaction
    “I am sated
    synonyms: fill, replete, satiate
    see moresee less
    cloy, pall
    cause surfeit through excess though initially pleasing
    type of:
    consume, have, ingest, take, take in
    serve oneself to, or consume regularly
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