sales event

Definitions of sales event
  1. noun
    an occasion (usually brief) for buying at specially reduced prices
    synonyms: cut-rate sale, sale
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    bazaar, fair
    a sale of miscellany; often for charity
    boot sale, car boot sale
    an outdoor sale at which people sell things from the trunk of their car
    clearance sale, inventory-clearance sale
    a sale to reduce inventory
    a sale intended to dispose of all remaining stock
    fire sale
    a sale of merchandise supposedly damaged by fire
    fire sale
    a sale of assets at very low prices typically when the seller faces bankruptcy
    garage sale, yard sale
    an outdoor sale of used personal or household items held on the seller's premises
    going-out-of-business sale
    a sale of all the tangible assets of a business that is about to close
    realisation, realization
    a sale in order to obtain money (as a sale of stock or a sale of the estate of a bankrupt person) or the money so obtained
    jumble sale, rummage sale
    a sale of donated articles
    a sale of a relatively large number of assets (stocks or bonds or commodities) at a low price typically done to dispose of them rather than as normal trade
    white sale
    a sale of household linens
    book fair, bookfair
    bazaar at which books are sold or auctioned off in order to raise funds for a worthy cause
    craft fair
    a fair at which objects made by craftsmen are offered for sale
    type of:
    an opportunity to do something
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