salad green

Definitions of salad green
  1. noun
    greens suitable for eating uncooked as in salads
    synonyms: salad greens
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    leaves of any of various plants of Lactuca sativa
    leaves having celery-like stems eaten raw or cooked
    chicory, curly endive
    crisp spiky leaves with somewhat bitter taste
    chicory escarole, endive, escarole
    variety of endive having leaves with irregular frilled edges
    pungent leaves of any of numerous cruciferous herbs
    salad burnet
    leaves sometimes used for salad
    butterhead lettuce
    lettuce with relatively soft leaves in a loose head; easily broken or bruised
    crisphead lettuce, iceberg, iceberg lettuce
    lettuce with crisp tightly packed light-green leaves in a firm head
    cos, cos lettuce, romaine, romaine lettuce
    lettuce with long dark-green leaves in a loosely packed elongated head
    leaf lettuce, loose-leaf lettuce
    lettuce with loosely curled leaves that do not form a compact head
    prized variety of chicory having globose heads of red leaves
    Belgian endive, French endive, witloof
    young broad-leaved endive plant deprived of light to form a narrow whitish head
    cresses that grow in clear ponds and streams
    garden cress
    cress cultivated for salads and garnishes
    winter cress
    cress cultivated for winter salads
    type of:
    green, greens, leafy vegetable
    any of various leafy plants or their leaves and stems eaten as vegetables
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