A runaway is a person — often a child or teenager — who leaves home. A runaway is usually unhappy at home, and most runaways have families that are desperate to find them.

A kid who grabs some snacks and hides out all night in his neighbor's tree house is one kind of runaway — a more serious runaway is a teenager who hitchhikes to a city and lives on the street or in a shelter. You can also use the word as an adjective to mean "out of control," like a runaway car rolling down a hill with no driver, or a movie that's a runaway success, making more money than anyone thought possible.

Definitions of runaway
  1. noun
    someone who flees from an uncongenial situation
    synonyms: fleer, fugitive
  2. adjective
    completely out of control
    runaway inflation”
    not being under control; out of control
  3. noun
    an easy victory
    synonyms: blowout, laugher, romp, shoo-in, walkaway
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    type of:
    triumph, victory
    a successful ending of a struggle or contest
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