Ruffled things are frilly, or edged with fancy ruffles. Your little sister might love her ruffled dress so much that she wants to wear it every day.

A bird's ruffled feathers provide it some protection as well as looking attractive to potential mates. You can also describe things that are mussed or rumpled, by a hand or the wind, for example, as ruffled. Your dog's ruffled fur might be caused by the breeze — or she might have her hackles up because she sees her mortal enemy, the mail carrier. The root of ruffled is probably the Low German ruffelen, "to wrinkle or curl."

Definitions of ruffled
  1. adjective
    having decorative ruffles or frills
    synonyms: frilled, frilly
    adorned, decorated
    provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction
  2. adjective
    shaken into waves or undulations as by wind
    “with ruffled flags flying”
    synonyms: rippled
    physically disturbed or set in motion
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