1. ring blackbird European thrush common in rocky areas
  2. red-winged blackbird North American blackbird with scarlet patches on the wings
  3. rusty blackbird North American blackbird whose bluish-black plumage is rusty-edged in the fall
  4. running blackberry any of several trailing blackberry brambles especially of North America
  5. crow blackbird long-tailed American blackbird having iridescent black plumage
  6. blackbird common black European thrush
  7. European blackbird common black European thrush
  8. sand blackberry stiff shrubby blackberry of the eastern United States
  9. blackboard sheet of slate; for writing with chalk
  10. New World blackbird any bird of the family Icteridae whose male is black or predominantly black
  11. Blackbeard an English pirate who operated in the Caribbean and off the Atlantic coast of North America (died in 1718)
  12. running board a narrow footboard serving as a step beneath the doors of some old cars
  13. inexplicable incapable of being explained or accounted for
  14. black-barred having a pattern consisting of black bars
  15. inapplicability irrelevance by virtue of being inapplicable to the matter at hand
  16. black bread bread made of coarse rye flour
  17. airing cupboard a warm cupboard where you put newly washed clothes until they are completely dry
  18. plugboard telephone central where circuits are completed with patchcords
  19. true blackberry the true blackberry of Europe as well as any of numerous varieties having sweet edible black or dark purple berries
  20. ink-black of the color of black ink

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