Definitions of rhubarb
  1. noun
    plants having long green or reddish acidic leafstalks growing in basal clumps; stems (and only the stems) are edible when cooked; leaves are poisonous
    synonyms: rhubarb plant
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    Himalayan rhubarb, Indian rhubarb, Rheum australe, Rheum emodi, red-veined pie plant
    Asian herb (Himalayas)
    Rheum cultorum, Rheum rhabarbarum, Rheum rhaponticum, garden rhubarb, pie plant
    long cultivated hybrid of Rheum palmatum; stems often cooked in pies or as sauce or preserves
    Chinese rhubarb, Rheum palmatum
    long used for laxative properties
    type of:
    herb, herbaceous plant
    a plant lacking a permanent woody stem; many are flowering garden plants or potherbs; some having medicinal properties; some are pests
  2. noun
    long pinkish sour leafstalks usually eaten cooked and sweetened
    synonyms: pieplant
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    type of:
    veg, vegetable, veggie
    edible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant
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