Someone who's revived has come back to life or consciousness. A revived drowning victim might cough up water and start breathing again.

You can describe yourself as revived if you're feeling a renewed sense of energy, too: "I am feeling so revived after that good night's sleep!" Things can be figuratively revived when they seem to come back to life, like a revived religion that more people are joining, or a revived language that kids are increasingly learning to speak. The Latin root, revivere, means "to live again."

Definitions of revived
  1. adjective
    restored to consciousness or life or vigor
    “felt revived hope”
    the revival of an unfortunate situation after a period of abatement
    brought back
    restored to a new condition
    renascent, resurgent
    rising again as to new life and vigor
    restored to life or consciousness
    revitalised, revitalized
    restored to new life and vigor
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    unrenewed, unrevived
    not revived
  2. adjective
    given fresh life or vigor or spirit
    “stirred by revived hopes”
    synonyms: reanimated
    alive, animated
    having life or vigor or spirit
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