Someone seeking revenge is looking to retaliate for a wrong that has been done.

Sometimes a word can be used as either a noun or a verb, without changing the spelling. That's the case with revenge. You can take revenge (noun) on someone who hurt you, or you can revenge (verb) the hurt, punishing the person who wronged you. While revenge may be sweet, it usually just leads to more revenge from the other side, and so on. While that makes a good Shakespeare play, it can get pretty wearing in real life.

Definitions of revenge
  1. noun
    action taken in return for an injury or offense
    synonyms: retaliation
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    payback, retribution, vengeance
    the act of taking revenge (harming someone in retaliation for something harmful that they have done) especially in the next life
    a retaliatory action against an enemy in wartime
    type of:
    getting even, paying back, return
    a reciprocal group action
  2. verb
    take revenge for a perceived wrong
    synonyms: avenge, retaliate
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    get back, get even
    take revenge or even out a score
    fix, get, pay back, pay off
    take vengeance on or get even
    type of:
    penalise, penalize, punish
    impose a penalty on; inflict punishment on
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