Rev your engine at a stoplight if you want to race the car next to you. On second thought, don’t — to rev is to crank the engine without going anywhere. Also, a rev is one complete rotation of a motor.

Rev, as a verb or a noun, is a shortened form of revolution. As a noun, it’s a rotation of the motor or the number of rotations in a minute. The word has been around since the early 20th century, following the invention of the automobile. Rev can be used for any internal combustion engine, but it's most often used for the zooming sound of a car engine. Rev and revolution come from the Late Latin revolutionem, "a revolving."

Definitions of rev
  1. noun
    rate of revolution of a motor
    “the engine was doing 6000 revs
    synonyms: revolutions per minute, rpm
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    type of:
    a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit
  2. verb
    increase the number of rotations per minute
    rev up an engine”
    synonyms: rev up
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    type of:
    make bigger or more
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