To retrain is to teach (or to learn) all new information and skills. Once your dog retires from guarding sheep, you can retrain her to be a visiting therapy dog in nursing homes.

When someone loses a job in one industry, a state employment agency can often help to retrain them for new kinds of work. A mill worker might retrain to be a computer programmer, for example. The verb retrain has the "again" prefix re- added to train, "to discipline or teach," a definition that grew out of the meaning "manipulate and shape," the way a gardener trains a vine to grow up an arbor.

Definitions of retrain
  1. verb
    teach new skills
    “We must retrain the linguists who cannot find employment”
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    type of:
    develop, educate, prepare, train
    create by training and teaching
  2. verb
    train again
    “He is retraining to become an IT worker”
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    type of:
    prepare, train
    undergo training or instruction in preparation for a particular role, function, or profession
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