Definitions of reticulum
  1. noun
    any fine network (especially one in the body composed of cells or blood vessels)
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    neural net, neural network
    any network of neurons or nuclei that function together to perform some function in the body
    RF, reticular formation
    a complex neural network in the central core of the brainstem; monitors the state of the body and functions in such processes as arousal and sleep and attention and muscle tone
    RAS, reticular activating system
    the network in the reticular formation that serves an alerting or arousal function
    type of:
    network, web
    an interconnected system of things or people
  2. noun
    the second compartment of the stomach of a ruminant
    synonyms: second stomach
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    type of:
    breadbasket, stomach, tum, tummy
    an enlarged and muscular saclike organ of the alimentary canal; the principal organ of digestion
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