If you've ever peered through a telescope, you've seen a reticule, though you probably didn't know that's what you were looking at. It's the network of tiny lines that make up a sighting device's eyepiece.

The crosshairs of a gun's scope or sight — which help a marksman aim when shooting — are one kind of reticule. Others exist, whether they can be clearly seen or not, in just about any instrument you look through, whether it's a telescope or a microscope. Another way to spell it is reticle, but either way it comes from the Latin word reticulatus, "having a net-like pattern," itself from reticulum, "little net."

Definitions of reticule
  1. noun
    a network of fine lines, dots, cross hairs, or wires in the focal plane of the eyepiece of an optical instrument
    synonyms: crosshairs, graticule, reticle
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    type of:
    a system of intersecting lines or channels
  2. noun
    a woman's drawstring handbag; usually made of net or beading or brocade; used in 18th and 19th centuries
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    type of:
    bag, handbag, pocketbook, purse
    a container used for carrying money and small personal items or accessories (especially by women)
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