If you're resolved, you're strongly determined. If you've made a resolved decision, it won't be easy to change your mind.

You can also use this adjective to mean "answered," like a resolved equation in math class or a resolved dilemma that's finally been settled. More often, you'll use it to mean "with resolve," or "with purpose." You'll be more intimidated by a debate opponent who has a resolved expression on her face than one who looks uncertain. Resolved comes from the verb resolve, which means "determine," but originally meant "melt or dissolve."

Definitions of resolved
  1. adjective
    explained or answered
    “problems resolved and unresolved”
    synonyms: solved
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    unresolved, unsolved
    not solved
  2. adjective
    “she was firmly resolved to be a doctor”
    synonyms: single-minded
    firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination
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