Requisite is a formal or fancy word for indispensable. During your punk phase, you refused to leave the house without the requisite leather jacket, black boots, and mohawk.

To remember this word, notice how similar it is to required. College students looking to sign up for classes they find interesting often bump up against the word prerequisite, which refers to a list of classes they will need to take before the one they're interested in.

Definitions of requisite
  1. adjective
    necessary for relief or supply
    synonyms: needed, needful, required
    absolutely essential
  2. noun
    anything indispensable
    synonyms: essential, necessary, necessity, requirement
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    inessential, nonessential
    anything that is not essential
    something desired as a necessity
    a necessary or essential thing
    need, want
    anything that is necessary but lacking
    type of:
    a separate and self-contained entity
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