1. reproducer an audio system that can reproduce and amplify signals to produce sound
  2. predator any animal that lives by preying on other animals
  3. repertoire the range of skills in a particular field or occupation
  4. reporter a person who investigates or communicates news stories
  5. predatory living by preying on other animals
  6. repertory a collection of works that an artist or company can perform
  7. reproduce make a copy or equivalent of
  8. reproductive producing new life or offspring
  9. reported made known or told about
  10. reprobate a person without moral scruples
  11. repository a facility where things can be deposited for safekeeping
  12. producer someone who manufactures something
  13. reproduction the act of making copies
  14. reportedly according to reports or other information
  15. proprietor someone who owns a business
  16. retributory of or relating to or having the nature of retribution
  17. proctor someone who supervises (an examination)
  18. report out return a bill after consideration and revision to a legislative body
  19. repressor an agent that represses
  20. reproacher someone who finds fault or imputes blame