Removable is an adjective used to describe something that can be taken away. A temporary tattoo is easily removable, but a real tattoo isn't.

Anything that can be taken away, taken off, or gotten rid of can be described with the adjective removable. The CEO of a company is removable, because she can be fired by the company's board of directors. Your clothes are removable, since you can take them off whenever you choose to. (Well, maybe not whenever.) Removable implies something that is ultimately impermanent or temporary.

Definitions of removable
  1. adjective
    capable of being removed or taken away or dismissed
    “a removable cord”
    removable partitions”
    subject to dismissal
    extractable, extractible
    capable of being extracted
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    incapable of being removed or away or dismiss
    appointed for life and not subject to dismissal except for a grave crime
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  2. adjective
    able to be obliterated completely
    synonyms: obliterable
    able to be eradicated or rooted out
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