To rejigger is to organize or arrange something in a different way. As editor of the school yearbook, you might decide to rejigger the whole thing, scattering senior photos throughout instead of grouping them together at the end.

This uniquely American verb can be used to mean "change" or "rearrange." When they rejigger your town library, it'll take you forever to find the science fiction section, and if you rejigger your bedroom, it may take a while to stop banging your shin on the table you moved to the foot of your bed. Rejigger comes from an obsolete verb form of jigger, "move up and down."

Definitions of rejigger
  1. verb
    put into a new order or arrangement
    synonyms: rearrange
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    put into a different code; rearrange mentally
    reorganize and assign posts to different people
    type of:
    arrange, set up
    put into a proper or systematic order
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