When you rehearse, you practice something. You and your cast mates will need to rehearse for several weeks before you'll be ready to perform the entire two hours and forty-five minutes of the musical "Hamilton."

A new teacher might rehearse before his first day teaching math to ninth graders, and you'll want to rehearse before you sing the national anthem on the field before a baseball game begins. If you're nervous about something, like asking someone to the prom, you might rehearse it in your mind. At the root of rehearse is the Old French word rehercier, which means both "go over again," and "rake and turn over the soil."

Definitions of rehearse
  1. verb
    engage in a rehearsal (of)
    synonyms: practice, practise
    see moresee less
    walk through
    perform in a perfunctory way, as for a first rehearsal
    practice playing (a sport)
    type of:
    do, execute, perform
    carry out or perform an action
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