1. regulation time (sports) the normal prescribed duration of a game
  2. regulation the act of bringing to uniformity
  3. relational having a relation or being related
  4. revolutionist a radical supporter of political or social change
  5. relational database a database in which relations between information items are explicitly specified as accessible attributes
  6. relationship a mutual connection between people
  7. relations mutual dealings or connections or communications among persons or groups
  8. revelation the act of making something evident
  9. correlational analysis the use of statistical correlation to evaluate the strength of the relations between variables
  10. revolutionize change radically
  11. reactionist extremely conservative
  12. granulation tissue new connective tissue and tiny blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process
  13. revolutionise change radically
  14. Regulus regulus European kinglet with a black-bordered yellow crown patch
  15. Clusia insignis epiphytic clusia of British Guiana
  16. correlation table a two-way tabulation of the relations between correlates
  17. correlational relating to or employing correlation
  18. reductionist of a theory explaining complex things by simpler elements
  19. relation back (law) the principle that an act done at a later time is deemed by law to have occurred at an earlier time
  20. population scientist a scientist who studies the growth and density of populations and their vital statistics