Even though he was homeless, Dan had a regal bearing. Regal is an adjective that describes things that appear to be royal.

There are several synonyms for regal, but they all have slightly different meanings. Reserve regal for those instances when the person or thing truly seems like it wants to be the queen, actually is the queen, or looks like it might belong to the queen. My French teacher has a truly regal bearing: she stands stick-straight, with her chin in the air, and acts as though she's the queen and we're her court. A regal attitude from a trembling Chihuahua is the height of irony: that little bugger couldn't rule a cat-box, let alone a whole country.

Definitions of regal

adj belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler

regal attire”
imperial, majestic, purple, royal
of or belonging to or constituting the hereditary aristocracy especially as derived from feudal times

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