To refrigerate something is to preserve it by keeping it cool. A gallon of milk might last a week if you refrigerate it, but it will be spoiled after a day or so if you leave it on the kitchen counter.

At home, you refrigerate things all the time by keeping them in your refrigerator. If there's no refrigerator available, people can refrigerate things by storing them in coolers or outside in the cold months of the year. A recipe for cookies might instruct you to refrigerate them for an hour before baking them — all you have to do is put the baking sheet in the fridge. Refrigerate shares a Latin root with frigid.

Definitions of refrigerate
  1. verb
    cool or chill in or as if in a refrigerator
    refrigerate this medicine”
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    type of:
    chill, cool, cool down
    make cool or cooler
  2. verb
    preserve by chilling
    “many foods must be refrigerated or else they will spoil”
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    type of:
    keep, preserve
    prevent (food) from rotting
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