1. reference manual a manual containing information organized in a summary manner
  2. reverence a feeling of profound respect for someone or something
  3. referenced supported with written references or citations
  4. reference the act of consulting
  5. reference book a book to which you can refer for authoritative facts
  6. reference work a book to which you can refer for authoritative facts
  7. Reverend Dodgson English author
  8. franchise tax a tax that is imposed by states on corporations
  9. reference point an indicator that orients you generally
  10. forensic medicine the branch of medical science that uses medical knowledge for legal purposes
  11. French kiss an openmouthed kiss in which your tongue is inserted into the other's mouth
  12. referendum a legislative act referred for approval to a popular vote
  13. reference grid a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines that provide coordinates for locating points on an image or a map
  14. differential diagnosis a systematic method of diagnosing a disorder (e.g., headache) that lacks unique symptoms or signs
  15. Veronica chamaedrys Old World plant with axillary racemes of blue-and-white flowers
  16. preference shares stock whose holders are guaranteed priority in the payment of dividends but whose holders have no voting rights
  17. reference frame a system that uses coordinates to establish position
  18. deference courteous regard for people's feelings
  19. referential referring or pointing to something
  20. differentiate acquire a distinct character