To redouble something is to intensify it or make it bigger. After losing your initial run for school president, you might redouble your efforts the next year, with a bigger and better campaign.

You'll almost always find the verb redouble accompanied by efforts, as when the local police force makes a pledge to redouble their efforts to cut down on people texting while driving. Or in an attempt to have a more diverse student body, a college might redouble its efforts to recruit applicants from different geographical areas. The root of redouble is the Middle French word redoubler, which combines re, "again," and doubler, "to double."

Definitions of redouble

v double again

“The noise doubled and redoubled
Type of:
double, duplicate
increase twofold

v make twice as great or intense

“The screaming redoubled
Type of:
deepen, intensify
become more intense

v double in magnitude, extent, or intensity

“The enemy redoubled their screaming on the radio”
Type of:
escalate, intensify, step up
increase in extent or intensity

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