When something that's bad comes back to haunt you, call it a recrudescence. It's not a word you'll hear often, but it's useful. As a bonus, it lets you say "crud" while sounding really smart.

Don't confuse recrudescence with resurgence, which is neutral and could be used just as easily to describe an increase in crime as to describe the return of warm weather in the spring. Recrudescence is bad. Use it to talk about a new growth of pimples, the return of the symptoms of a disease, or an underground crime ring.

Definitions of recrudescence
  1. noun
    a return of something after a period of abatement
    “a recrudescence of racism”
    “a recrudescence of the symptoms”
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    type of:
    epidemic, eruption, irruption, outbreak
    a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition)
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Vocabulary Shout-Out: Kathryn Schulz for "Recrudescence"

In New York Magazine, Kathryn Schulz slammed the current movie-driven Gatsby resurgence as a recrudescence.

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