1. receivables money that you currently expect to receive from notes or accounts
  2. received widely accepted as true or worthy
  3. receivable awaiting payment
  4. receptive aphasia aphasia characterized by fluent but meaningless speech and severe impairment of the ability understand spoken or written words
  5. safety device a device designed to prevent injury or accidents
  6. relative density the ratio of the density of something to the density of a standard
  7. receptiveness willingness or readiness to receive
  8. sacerdotalism a belief that priests can act as mediators between human beings and God
  9. details true confidential information
  10. receipts the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
  11. crisphead lettuce lettuce with crisp tightly packed light-green leaves in a firm head
  12. aversive stimulus any negative stimulus to which an organism will learn to make a response that avoids it
  13. cross-fertilise cause to undergo cross-fertilization
  14. receive get something; come into possession of
  15. recently in the recent past
  16. receptively in a receptive manner
  17. cross-fertilize cause to undergo cross-fertilization
  18. Roland de Lassus Belgian composer (1532-1594)
  19. stateless without nationality or citizenship
  20. receivership the office of a receiver