1. conventional following accepted customs and proprieties
  2. presentational of or relating to a presentation
  3. rational consistent with or based on or using reason
  4. representational depicting objects, figures, or scenes realistically
  5. gravitational of or relating to or caused by gravitation
  6. recreational of or relating to an activity that diverts or amuses
  7. gestational of or relating to gestation
  8. invitational pertaining to or characteristic of an invitation
  9. refutation the act of determining that something is false
  10. rotational of or pertaining to rotation
  11. rationale an explanation of the fundamental reasons
  12. additional further or extra
  13. traditional consisting of or derived from a practice of long standing
  14. infatuation a foolish and usually extravagant passion or love
  15. derivational characterized by inflections indicating a semantic relation between a word and its base
  16. constitutional existing as an essential characteristic
  17. jurisdictional restricted to the geographic area under a particular jurisdiction
  18. conditional imposing or depending on or containing an assumption
  19. gravitationally with respect to gravitation
  20. received widely accepted as true or worthy