To rebroadcast something is to make it available again on the radio, television, or online. During a weather emergency, like a hurricane, local TV stations usually rebroadcast news reports throughout the day.

Use rebroadcast as a verb, meaning "play again," or a noun, for the actual show or program. You might miss an exciting basketball game, but you'll probably be able to watch a rebroadcast the next day. The word rebroadcast combines the "again" prefix re- and broadcast, which started out with a very different definition — it meant "spread seeds." The modern meaning dates from the 1920s, when it referred to radio.

Definitions of rebroadcast

v broadcast again, as of a film

Type of:
air, beam, broadcast, send, transmit
broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television

n a broadcast that repeated at a later time

Type of:
message that is transmitted by radio or television

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