Definitions of rearward
  1. adjective
    located in or toward the back or rear
    “on the rearward side”
    synonyms: rear
    related to or located at the back
  2. adjective
    directed or moving toward the rear
    “a rearward glance”
    “a rearward movement”
    synonyms: reverse
    directed or facing toward the back or rear
  3. adverb
    at or to or toward the back or rear
    “she looked rearward out the window of the car”
    synonyms: back, backward, backwards, rearwards
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    forrad, forrard, forward, forwards, frontward, frontwards
    at or to or toward the front
  4. noun
    direction toward the rear
    “his outfit marched to the rearward of the tank divisions”
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    type of:
    back end, backside, rear
    the side of an object that is opposite its front
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