Rapture is a feeling of emotional ecstasy so magical it's almost as if you've been transported to some other world.

Coming to us from an old French word meaning "carried away," rapture certainly involves getting swept off to Shangri-La. It's happiness so extreme that you just about float to heaven, complete with big goofy grin plastered to your face. Traditionally reserved for those feeling spiritual ecstasy, rapture now extends to anyone feeling overwhelmed by emotion — sparked by everything from a passionate kiss to scoring an awesome dress on sale.

Definitions of rapture

n a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion

“"listening to sweet music in a perfect rapture"- Charles Dickens”
ecstasy, exaltation, raptus, transport
Type of:
emotional state, spirit
the state of a person's emotions (especially with regard to pleasure or dejection)

n a state of elated bliss

Type of:
bliss, blissfulness, cloud nine, seventh heaven, walking on air
a state of extreme happiness

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