The waterproof jacket you throw on before heading out on a drizzly gray day is a raincoat. If you're traveling to India during monsoon season, be sure to pack your raincoat!

Simply put, a raincoat is a coat that protects you from getting drenched in the rain. You might also call it a "slicker" or a "rain jacket." Some raincoats are truly waterproof, while others are merely water resistant — these will keep you dry for a while but are less useful if you're walking miles in a downpour. The original "modern" raincoat was invented in 1824 by a Scottish chemist who layered fabric and rubber to create a new waterproof material.

Definitions of raincoat
  1. noun
    a water-resistant coat
    synonyms: waterproof
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    a lightweight belted raincoat typically made of tan gabardine with a distinctive tartan lining; named for the original manufacturer
    mac, macintosh, mack, mackintosh
    a waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric
    trench coat
    a military style raincoat; belted with deep pockets
    oilskin, slicker
    a macintosh made from cotton fabric treated with oil and pigment to make it waterproof
    type of:
    an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down; worn outdoors
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