1. putting green an area of closely cropped grass surrounding the hole on a golf course
  2. putting iron the iron normally used on the putting green
  3. bowling green a field of closely mowed turf for playing bowls
  4. Bowling Green a town in southern Kentucky
  5. bedding geranium an upright geranium having scalloped leaves with a broad color zone inside the margin and white or pink or red flowers
  6. burying ground a tract of land used for burials
  7. bottle green dark to moderate or greyish green
  8. bottle-green of a dark to moderate greyish green color
  9. hunting ground an area in which game is hunted
  10. breeding ground a place where animals breed
  11. batting glove a glove worn by batters in baseball to give a firmer grip on the bat
  12. pudding berry creeping perennial herb distinguished by red berries and clustered leaf whorls at the tips of shoots; Greenland to Alaska
  13. batting cage a movable screen placed behind home base to catch balls during batting practice
  14. testing ground a region resembling a laboratory inasmuch as it offers opportunities for observation and practice and experimentation
  15. brown-green of green tinged with brown
  16. proving ground a workplace for testing new equipment or ideas
  17. beet green young leaves of the beetroot
  18. brownish-green of green tinged with brown
  19. batting average a measure of a batter's performance
  20. putting surface an area of closely cropped grass surrounding the hole on a golf course