1. Gore Vidal United States writer (born in 1925)
  2. press of sail the greatest amount of sail that a ship can carry safely
  3. perceivable capable of being perceived especially by sight or hearing
  4. prize fight a boxing match between professional boxers for a cash prize
  5. perceived detected by instinct or inference
  6. premarital relating to events before a marriage
  7. pursual the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture
  8. pursuit the act of following in an effort to overtake or capture
  9. recital a public instance of repeating something prepared in advance
  10. bass fiddle largest and lowest member of the violin family
  11. horse nettle coarse prickly weed having pale yellow flowers and yellow berrylike fruit; common throughout southern and eastern United States
  12. brassavola any of various tropical American orchids with usually solitary fleshy leaves and showy white to green nocturnally fragrant blossoms solitary or in racemes of up to 7
  13. prizefight a boxing match between professional boxers for a cash prize
  14. praiseful full of or giving praise
  15. brass family (music) the family of brass instruments
  16. prizefighter a professional boxer
  17. perseverate repeat a response after cessation of the original stimulus
  18. horse pistol a large pistol formerly carried by horsemen
  19. persevere be persistent, refuse to stop
  20. barbital a barbiturate used as a hypnotic

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