Something that's published has been written, printed, and is officially for sale. Your family book of recipes is only distributed among family members — unless a published version makes it onto the shelves of your local bookstore.

A writer who's just starting out hopes for a published book — or even just a published story or article. Books, newspaper stories, and magazine articles can all be described as published, but so can online content like an essay or a blog post, or even a photograph on social media. The adjective published comes from publish, "issue for public sale" or "make publicly known." In the fourteenth century, it also meant "disgrace or put to shame."

Definitions of published
  1. adjective
    prepared and printed for distribution and sale
    “the complete published works of Dickens”
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    not published
  2. adjective
    formally made public
    published accounts”
    synonyms: promulgated
    publicised, publicized
    made known; especially made widely known
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