To be prudish is to be extremely proper, almost a little too proper. To be called prudish isn't a compliment.

To be proper is to be polite and have good manners. To be prudish is to take being proper to an exaggerated or ridiculous degree. For example, it's definitely a bad idea to use a naughty word in class, but a friend who scolds you when you use it privately could be considered prudish. They're going a little too far. Prudish behavior is also called priggish, prim, prissy, puritanical, and straight-laced. Others usually think prudish people should lighten up.

Definitions of prudish
  1. adjective
    exaggeratedly proper
    synonyms: priggish, prim, prissy, puritanical, square-toed, straight-laced, straightlaced, strait-laced, straitlaced, tight-laced, victorian
    marked by suitability or rightness or appropriateness
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