Definitions of proscription

n rejection by means of an act of banishing or proscribing someone

Babylonian Captivity
the deportation of the Jews to Babylonia by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC
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anathematisation, anathematization
the formal act of pronouncing (someone or something) accursed
the act of expelling a lawyer from the practice of law
ejection, exclusion, expulsion, riddance
the act of forcing out someone or something
deportation, exile, expatriation, transportation
the act of expelling a person from their native land
excision, excommunication
the act of banishing a member of a church from the communion of believers and the privileges of the church; cutting a person off from a religious society
mild banishment; consignment to an inferior position
banishment into the country
the act of throwing someone or something out of a window
the expulsion from a country of an undesirable alien
the act of excluding someone from society by general consent
barring, blackball
the act of excluding someone by a negative vote or veto
ouster, ousting
the act of ejecting someone or forcing them out
Type of:
the act of rejecting something

n a decree that prohibits something

ban, prohibition
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an order that bans something
cease and desist order, enjoining, enjoinment, injunction
(law) a judicial remedy issued in order to prohibit a party from doing or continuing to do a certain activity
interdict, interdiction
a court order prohibiting a party from doing a certain activity
mandatory injunction
injunction requiring the performance of some specific act
final injunction, permanent injunction
injunction issued on completion of a trial
interlocutory injunction, temporary injunction
injunction issued during a trial to maintain the status quo or preserve the subject matter of the litigation until the trial is over
Type of:
decree, edict, fiat, order, rescript
a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge)

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