To do something promptly is to do it right away or in a timely fashion, avoiding any delays.

When you receive an invitation, you might immediately check your calendar and promptly reply. Doing things promptly is the opposite of procrastinating or putting things off. Showing up promptly for meetings, dates, and other plans is courteous and polite. When the President responds promptly to a crisis, it's considered good leadership. If you delay too much, you lost the chance to do something promptly — this is a word for things that happen fast.

Definitions of promptly
  1. adverb
    with little or no delay
    “the rescue squad arrived promptly
    synonyms: quick, quickly
  2. adverb
    at once (usually modifies an undesirable occurrence)
    “he promptly forgot the address”
    synonyms: right away
  3. adverb
    in a punctual manner
    “he did his homework promptly
    synonyms: pronto, readily
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