If someone likes to talk but they're really boring, they've got prolixity. It's not something to be proud of.

Prolixity means about the same thing as long-windedness. If someone is yammering on and on and on — that's an example of prolixity. Part of prolixity seems good: we'd all like to be able to put words together easily. On the other hand, none of us want to be boring. That's a major downside to prolixity. Prolixity is similar to "wordiness" — using too many words, or too many long words — when a few would get the job done.

Definitions of prolixity
  1. noun
    boring verbosity
    synonyms: long-windedness, prolixness, windiness, wordiness
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    flatulence, turgidity, turgidness
    pompously embellished language
    type of:
    verboseness, verbosity
    an expressive style that uses excessive or empty words
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