prix fixe

Prix fix is French for “fixed price” and refers to a set amount you pay for a dinner with many courses. You pay the same whether you get the escargot or saltines as an appetizer.

Some restaurants feature prix fixe menus every day, while others offer them only on holidays, like New Year’s Eve. Any time you see a menu listing a full meal with very few (if any) choices, all for one price, you can call it prix fixe. This French phrase has been used in North America since the late nineteenth century. You can also call this a table d'hôte menu, or less exotically, a set meal or set menu.

Definitions of prix fixe

adj (of a restaurant meal) complete but with limited choices and at a fixed price

table d'hote
a la carte
(of a restaurant meal) having unlimited choices with a separate price for each item

n a menu listing fixed meals at fixed prices

Type of:
bill of fare, card, carte, carte du jour, menu
a list of dishes available at a restaurant

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