Of all the social networks, one predominates. Facebook is by far the biggest and most influential. When someone or something predominates, it's the largest or most powerful of all.

You'll probably already have noticed that the verb "dominate" makes up a good part of predominate, and in fact these are very similar words. To predominate means to be the biggest or most plentiful or most powerful of all. Of course, you want to make sure that you're talking about like things when you're using predominate. In the debate about guns, the most logical voices are rarely the ones that predominate.

Definitions of predominate

v be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance

“Hispanics predominate in this neighborhood”
dominate, prevail, reign, rule
prevail over
be central or dominant
outbalance, outweigh, overbalance, preponderate
weigh more heavily

v appear very large or occupy a commanding position

“The huge sculpture predominates over the fountain”
hulk, loom, tower
Type of:
lift, rear, rise
rise up

adj having superior power and influence

overriding, paramount, predominant, preponderant, preponderating
exercising influence or control

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