praxes; praxises

Use the noun praxis when you talk formally about putting an idea or theory into practice. You might have a lot of theories and opinions about raising kids, but it's much harder in praxis, when you have kids of your own.

The plural of praxis is "praxes." The noun praxis comes from the Latin and Greek words of the same spelling, based on the Greek word prattein, which means to do. Praxis is an established custom and practice. Your mom may have chosen a particular school for you because of its common praxis of parents helping out in the classroom.

Definitions of praxis
  1. noun
    translating an idea into action
    “differences between theory and praxis of communism”
    synonyms: practice
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    type of:
    effectuation, implementation
    the act of implementing (providing a practical means for accomplishing something); carrying into effect
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