Practically means "nearly," like being practically broke if you have three dollars left in the whole world. It also means "done in a practical way" — if you wear sneakers on a long walk, you’re dressed practically.

There are two main senses of practically. If you have practically no free time, you have nearly no free time. If your hair is practically blonde, it is almost blonde. Also, this word can refer to the sense of practical as sensible and realistic. A smart worker will know how to get the job done practically (efficiently). A smart investor will invest money practically (wisely). Doing things practically is the opposite of being reckless and unrealistic.

Definitions of practically
  1. adverb
    in a practical manner
    practically orientated institutions such as business schools”
    “a brilliant man but so practically inept that he needed help to cross the road safely”
  2. adverb
    (degree adverb used before a noun phrase) for all practical purposes but not completely
    practically everything in Hinduism is the manifestation of a god”
    synonyms: much
  3. adverb
    almost; nearly
    practically the first thing I saw when I got off the train”
    “he was practically the only guest at the party”
    “there was practically no garden at all”
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