Postage is the cost of sending something in the mail. If the postage for mailing your brother's collection of porcelain pigs is too high, you might want to bring them with you when you drive to his house instead.

Use the noun postage for the expense of mailing letters and packages, or for the stamps themselves: "Don't forget to attach the postage before you put that in the mailbox!" Some people, in fact, refer to them as "postage stamps." Postage comes from post, "mail system": early mail carriers were "posted" along a road, like a relay race, to speed delivery.

Definitions of postage
  1. noun
    the charge for mailing something
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    type of:
    the price charged for some article or service
  2. noun
    a small adhesive token stuck on a letter or package to indicate that that postal fees have been paid
    synonyms: postage stamp, stamp
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    type of:
    item, token
    an individual instance of a type of symbol
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