When you call Frankenstein ponderous, it's not because he likes to ponder the great questions of life. It's because he moves like a Mack truck, only slower and less gracefully.

Ponderous also describes a person's manner, or their manner of speaking. If it does, this is a person you will want to avoid. They're solemn, speak slowly about things that are boring, and get to the punchline of a joke about seven years after anyone with half a brain has figured it out for themselves.

Definitions of ponderous

adj having great mass and weight and unwieldiness

“a ponderous stone”
“a ponderous burden”
ponderous weapons”
of comparatively great physical weight or density

adj slow and laborious because of weight

ponderous prehistoric beasts”
“a ponderous yawn”
heavy, lumbering
(of movement) lacking ease or lightness

adj labored and dull

“a ponderous speech”
arousing no interest or attention or curiosity or excitement

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