polish off

Definitions of polish off
  1. verb
    finish a task completely
    synonyms: clear up, finish off, finish up, get through, mop up, wrap up
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    cap off
    finish or complete, as with some decisive action
    type of:
    complete, finish
    come or bring to a finish or an end
  2. verb
    finish eating all the food on one's plate or on the table
    “She polished off the remaining potatoes”
    synonyms: eat up, finish
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    put away, tuck away, tuck in
    eat up; usually refers to a considerable quantity of food
    type of:
    take in solid food
  3. verb
    kill intentionally and with premeditation
    synonyms: bump off, dispatch, hit, murder, off, remove, slay
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    murder without leaving a trace on the body
    murder in a planned fashion
    type of:
    cause to die; put to death, usually intentionally or knowingly
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