pocket rat

Definitions of pocket rat
  1. noun
    any of various rodents with cheek pouches
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    pocket mouse
    any of various small nocturnal burrowing desert rodents with cheek pouches and long hind legs and tail
    Dipodomys phillipsii, desert rat, kangaroo rat
    any of various leaping rodents of desert regions of North America and Mexico; largest members of the family Heteromyidae
    dwarf pocket rat, kangaroo mouse
    small silky-haired pouched rodent; similar to but smaller than kangaroo rats
    gopher, pocket gopher, pouched rat
    burrowing rodent of the family Geomyidae having large external cheek pouches; of Central America and southwestern North America
    Perognathus flavus, silky pocket mouse
    small pale yellowish soft-furred rodent of southwestern United States and Mexico
    Perognathus flavescens, plains pocket mouse
    small rodent of open areas of United States plains states
    Perognathus hispidus, hispid pocket mouse
    large stiff-haired rodent of shortgrass prairies of United States
    Liomys irroratus, Mexican pocket mouse
    large pocket mouse of Mexico
    Dipodomys ordi, Ord kangaroo rat
    most widely distributed kangaroo rat: plains and mountain areas of central and western United States
    Geomys bursarius, plains pocket gopher
    gopher of chiefly grasslands of central North America
    Geomys pinetis, southeastern pocket gopher
    gopher of Alabama and Georgia and Florida
    Thomomys bottae, valley pocket gopher
    of valleys and mountain meadows of western United States
    Thomomys talpoides, northern pocket gopher
    greyish to brown gopher of western and central United States
    type of:
    any of various long-tailed rodents similar to but larger than a mouse
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